Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my dear friend

It is within my contact with you that I am able to grasp the concept of "Bittersweet". How do you want your children to thrive without succumbing to the urge of holding onto them to tightly. Without reservation, I can state the gratitude is a gift of the spirit. When I am truly grateful for what I have , it signals God and the universe that I am ready to receive more. I hope I never return to an ungrateful way of life. When it's real and when it burst out of you core like a raging river, it's a higher high than anything I ever took for recreational purposes. I've been choosing to believe that every single thing I went through growing up. Marinating in hundred forms of fear. No place to crawl up in someone's lap and know I was safe I have to consciously made the decision to believe the pain taught me how to love misfits and outcast in my grown up recovered life. It was my own form of training in the school of Humanity., I can't tell how much I enjoy the feeling in my chest when I see you have sent a note. I'm one of your biggest fans. lol Have you heard this old song called "If I could" it moves me to tears everytime I pull it up on Yourtube. 


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