Friday, November 12, 2010

A melon grows in asphalt

A Narcotics Anonymous Watermelon grows in asphalt. I see such a great story of persistence , luck and determination in this melon. I know from growing melons as a kid, you can't just plant a seed and expect melons. The soil needs to be good and the right nutrients need to be present or added as it grown.
This volunteer melon came up from a melon that was cut on the back area of the Hall early this summer. So the seed had to dry itself, implant itself, germinate and find enough nutrients to form 4 melons. 2 didn't get the right amount of feed and the plant focused on it's best two shots to procreate. Unless things are just right, plants either won't make a fruit or can't make it grow. It's such a great example of how the universe is set up. Because of the late growing start the melons won't mature enough to eat, but the seeds might have been mature enough to fullfill the purpose of the plant in the first place- to survive on this planet by making seeds to reproduce.

Every time I looked at the two melons side by side which looked like a slightly uneven pair of tear drop shaped boobs, I felt like I was on in the story. Me being clean is just as unlikely as a seed from a melon falling to the ground and making a home for itself, then producing fruit. It was a lesson in spirituality and purpose every time I saw them. Someone trashed the biggest one and the other will only be there for a few days until someone drop kicks it and that is fine. For as long as I am clean I'll remember those watermelons, that defied on conventional farming logic and grew in asphalt, concrete, sand and rocks. The willingness to do will find the ability to do.