Monday, May 3, 2010

Real Change cannot be sustained with support

What I learned over the last couple of years is that all the desire, all the inspiration and all new knowledge in the whole world cannot be sustained without support from other like minded people.

Life is in the sharing.

It's a choice, always a choice

I was in Walmart yesterday and I had an employee go off on me. Not just angry, she said several things as if she was trying to demean me. She was hell bent on saying thing to imply that I was a moron.

Partly because it shocked me so and caught me off guard, I didn't get ugly back. Perhaps I was too focused on finding the bathroom. I thought later about something a man had mentioned a week or two ago about how a soft tongue is more effective that explosive outburst with an angry person.

She obviously had stuff going on with her and it wasn't about me at all.

It was just a strange occurrence.

My desire for the week is the will and energy to really throw myself into my recovery program, get to know some new people and look for things to be happy about. Focus my attention on the things I want to get bigger in my life.