Thursday, May 3, 2012

Connecting the dots

Over all today has been one of those rare days where the universe held back the curtain just long enough for me to get a thrilling peak at how some things are coming together simply because I  keep doing the right thing. I got a letter back from an addict I had written in prison and he said he would like a copy of the basic text of NA. I got home and sat at the computer. Since I have paid a big portion of my dental bill I am really relying on Ebay to help me out this month. I had re-listed everything I had not sold in prior attempts except for one two piece silk set that I ran out of time earlier this morning when I was posting sale items.  I put it up for a"buy it now" for 15 dollars.
I remembered i wanted to send Jerry a Text and went to Amazon. I bought the book and paid for it. Amazon "recommended" some other things and I noticed our NA Workbook for 5 dollars. I bought it and shipped it to Jerry in prison. I got an email notice and flipped over. I had sold that 2 piece silk set during the time I was buying the books for Jerry . His books were 14.70 and I sold the set for 15.00. The exact time I am reaching out with this literature I am being replenished while it happened. I had tried to sell that suit at least 3 times before. 
To take this one step further in speculation, I won't say for sure that Jerry will benefit from the literature, but I feel completely assured that the literature will get to the exact right person in the facility  eventually.

I'm needed, in this world to do my part, and let go of the results.

"Show up, tell the truth, do your best and let go of the results" was a piece of advice I love and try hard to embody.

NO ONE at Brookshire brothers noticed this?