Sunday, May 15, 2011

Comfort from strange places

My whole life I have loved thunder storms. The make me feel small and insignificant  compared to the weather patterns that have gone on for millions of years. My god, I really could be Wiccan. The earth is the source of life, those other planets couldn't sustain us. We make things like the internet, and flat tvs but we never have been smart enough to change the course of the behavior of the earth. I like that i am living on a "LIVING THING" with it's own way of doing things to insure its own survival. We are the expendables. We can suck the crude out of the holes and fell every tree we can find but we will never have the upper hand. The earth can shudder for 15 seconds and do away with entire sea boards when it chooses to. The earth is certainly a power greater than ourselves. I love that my life and my problems are small compared to the vast power of the planet. If the earth is getting hotter, perhaps it's running a fever in a first attempt to rid itself of the parasites called humans.