Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seasons pass and then they are gone, leaving forever a memory and a stain

I was standing in the bathroom , peeing and I looked over out the spaces in between the mini blinds. I could see my neighbors back yard. In the 16 years I have lived here I have seen the old couple spend nearly every daylight hour in there yard. She has prized Iris' and he had a carpet of green. The season of daffodils have come and gone and this year neither of them were here to witness it. In one swoop, their kids came and put her in a home for those with Alzheimer's and the husband is in another part of the state. They will never plant another garden , Wanda will never see another iris bloom in her yard. All the hours they spent in that yard, in their home , in their church, in there community and BLIP. They are gone for good. We all will be gone . The way we fret over the details and odds-n-ends of life are comical.  We are just specs and our our time matters only to those who love us who will be gone. Why is it so hard to use our time , our valuable finite time thoughtfully. In a flash this is all going to be over, and someone in my neighborhood will look at my house and think, he won't be coming back. Or in my case, "He will never get around to cleaning that mess of a yard up". lol  The things I do today, the things I say today, the love I give today is important, because I'm trading a limited number of heartbeats for them. I like knowing that this house will stand to have another family in it, I like knowing that I take nothing with me except the love I created. I will look over the fence and I will appreciate Wanda's yard and her Iris's that will bloom next month. Beauty Lingers Longer and it's the final thing to go before the seasons of life transition.