Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are getting further off course.

Love has not changed in thousands and thousands. As long as there has been humans on earth, compassion and empathy have existed. Yet we live in a time more than ever where one group wants to legislate who  is valid and who is or isn't worthy of compassion and who's love matters  and who's does not.. How after all these years have we let it be ok for law makers and talking religious heads to fuck things up so badly.

Religious leaders and politicians who wave the religion banner have completely gotten away from the message of love, service and tolerance and instead use fear, and treachery to give themselves a base of power so that they will be taken more seriously in world affairs. Affairs they need not be in. I combat this ignorance every time I smile instead of sneer, extend my hand instead of my fist and choose to care for you regardless of the fear I am engulfed in. I don't need anyone leading me. Put your microphone down and stop telling me how wrong we all are and embody the core principles of most of the major religions. Non of them include your right to judge or condemn others. Check yourself before you wreck us all.