Sunday, September 13, 2009

oh Yeah, Human!

Sometimes, the funniest things remind me that I am human. A friend of mine has a small business and she has been putting out food for several weeks for the long haired silver cat she calls Farrah. She showed up the week Farrah Fawcett died. We had a very rainy day all day yesterday and right before my friend left her shop Farrah showed up with a baby in her mouth. The weather was dreadful so my friend made a bed in a box and the cat dropped her baby off there. She disappeared and showed up with another baby and then another.

The kittens were very well taken care of and their eyes were bright and inquisitive. I looked one of them in the face today and looked into its giant eyes and felt that rush of compassion that reminds me what life is all about and at the same time scares me because it means I am vulnerable. When I started to leave today the Farrah was laying in the box feeding her 3 babies. It never fails when I am a little disconnected that if I look to nature I find my heart again. She is such a good mommy and she does it by just following her instincts. Obviously where ever she had hidden those babies thus far suddenly became to dangerous for her to leave her babies there.

The whole experience made me want to rush home and hold me dog. lol