Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shaking it off.

I haven't been doing very well shaking off frustrations of daily life. I took medicare transport yesterday to have an injection in my neck because I wasn't suppose to drive afterward. I finished at 2:30 and was in that transportation van until 6pm. I was climbing the walls. The hold up was we had to wait on 2 kids who were in a clinic with their mother. I was trying to meditate, think calming thoughts but I wanted to scream.

Then when they emerged my heart broke for the overwhelmed young black girl that had them. She had the look of "broken" on her face and I felt terrible about being anxious to go home. When she got in she explained that even though she had a 2:30 appointment they weren't prioritized as important. They had squeezed in sick kids ahead of her. The kids hadn't eaten and they were beautiful little boys under 8.

I felt like a real schmuck. Did I mention she and the boys live in a shelter? Yes, I got over myself.

Today though I am so irked at the idiots in this country. So what, Obama called Kanya a jackass. Bush and Cheney both said worse things when they thought their mic was off. These teaparty people are nuts. I applaud that some people want a change and formed this group, but many of them are racist nuts who are using this Teaparty thing as a cover up. Did you read any of the signs they held on there march. They were racist and even worse, they were clever or spelled right.

I know for a face here in East Texas there are members of the moment who are hoping it will help Texas remove itself from the U.S. and be an independant country. Those freaks scare me because they border on white supremacy. I called a local ad about firewood once and this guy had a 4 minute outgoing message for "The Republic of Texas". I didn't by the wood.

I mentioned before that I really do understand the pendulum affect of life. In order to become the best we have to become the worst. A wound is neccessary to have a healing.

I just have took to much in the last couple of weeks and it has caught up with me. I need a clense or a purge and this entry was my first step.