Saturday, August 28, 2010

My higher power is not a GOD

My higher power is not a god. When it is referred to in text or meeting I automatically switch it out with the great energy or Indian's call it Spirit. The reason that I am passionate about the fact I don't believe in "God" is because I tried it every way I could and I just got sicker. When people come in to 12 steps and they hear "God as you understand him" they instantly go back to the understanding they had while growing up and using. Someone brought that idea of God to them so when they hear "God" in meetings they revert to default setting. It isn't a god of their understanding. It's a god they think is their understanding because it was the only one they knew. I have seen so many tortured people die or harm themselves because no one told them something different is available. I'm propelled to tell people I do not believe in the "God, string-puller in the sky" exist. My "prayer" is more like plugging in a rechargeable battery. I rejoin the original power that makes everything when I meditate and I get my cells and spirit replenished.

I've been in AA where the middle aged white business men say "God of your own understanding' wink wink" in other words til you get well enough for jesus and sunday school. I never made it back to Sunday school thankfully because it would have just confused me more.

If you want to have a god, GREAT! But just make sure it is a God of YOUR understanding, not your fathers, or Aunt Pearlines or Jimmy Swaggers or Mr. Osteens.

The only way that the spiritual power that is available to us all can be utilized is when we find our own way there to it.

DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHO OR WHAT to believe in. Listen to your inner voice and you will be able to detect the markers to get you back from where you came. Your own concept is the only concept that matters and your life absolutely depends on it. I am talking about your life, here and now, not the one religion tells you that will be won or lost depending on you play the game of humanity in your life on earth.

My friend Gary said his higher power was whatever the power was the could take a brown bulb that looked like a poodle turd and pull those pink and green leaves of caladiums out of it was enough of a high power for him. I pretty much agree. It just lets me know there is a force that even at the stage of the planting season I am in, can pull something beautiful out of me.