Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm thinking often of Whitney Houston again.  Her death was a year ago in Feb. Her death has sort of stuck with me more than any famous drug deaths. Every day I hear people say if I had enough money, if I was more beautiful , if I had the single best voice ever heard on earth, then I would be happy. The fact that she was riddled with self doubt and created her own prison by setting the mark so high even she couldn't be Whitney HOuston is horrible. In the end the former most beautiful talented women on earth, died in a rented bathtub in scalding water, face down. Insult to injury, the Grammy Party a few floors away in the same hotel went on with out her . As her scalded body was rolled out into the meat wagon, "friends" at the party went right on without her. I saw a clip of Whitney singing before she died  in Germany getting booed off stage. She had made her worst nightmare come true, all by herself. Can you imagine standing curtain side as the announce you to come to the stage and you know that you, yourself are a bad Whitney Houston Imposter and it will only be moments before the audience finds you out.