Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a thankful day.

Six and a half months ago when I entered the Narcotics Anonymous program I couldn't even dream of feeling as at home as I do most of the time now. A fairly new person was concerned the hall wasn't open this morning and I used the key to open it. My friend who was suppose to chair the noon meeting was ill and I filled in for him as chairperson. I remembered new peoples name and I interacted with people who now have an interest in my recovery and vice versa. One of the biggest gifts of the program is how we invest in the recovery of others. If you can make it too the door someone will let you know we are glad to see you.

I have not had to wrestle with wanting to use pills in some time, therefore, I have had ample time to focus on recovery. Getting better from the inside out takes time. Getting to the point you feel comfortable in any new group is AWKWARD,

All I have really every wanted was to just be myself and have some good feedback from the people I am with. You can't really grow if your riddled with fear. Fear tell lies and bullies you into believe them, even about yourself.