Sunday, December 30, 2012

My name is Clinton, I'm and addict and In 2013, I'm going places.

  My year long meditation last year was "Freedom in The 12, and I got a lot of freedom I never had. I had more days this year in freedom of medicating with food, and really standing up for myself or others when it was necessary. For 2013 my meditation is "I"M GOING  PLACES".  I have know idea where I'm going but I'm not staying here, in this mind space, in this space of uncertainty or doubt. I'm just gonna keep showing up and saying yes and we will see where life is on 2014. I'm releasing all those ideas that try to convenience me that I'm suppose to stay small.

Life has a magical why of making what you believe in your head become reality. Consider carefully what ideas you cling to. The world is either a place of lack and withholding or there is more than enough for you. You experience is based on what you believe. I feel so badly for the folks locked in fear and addicted to bad news of Fox and even the local news They feed there fear with 500 channels of a never ending broadcast feed of gloom, suspicion and soul poison. In a very real way we determine our experience based on the phenomenon of manifestation. You see what you look for, you live what you believe. Many people I love have never experienced freedom from the misinformation and memes inflicted upon them as kids. They have spent their whole life being small because they don't know they have a choice in the matter. It's hard to begin to monitor just what thoughts are present in your head but practice makes it easier. The only time I have the ability to choose to do something different is in the present moment. There are thousands of ways of getting to THE MOMENT but it's imperative that we find a way to get ourselves there because its the only time and place that change can happen. Living mindfully allows me the ability to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT.