Monday, April 18, 2011

I caught a glimpse of a spiritual idea so large I don't thing I have the capacity to comprehend its magnitude

I had the realization months ago of the paradox of choosing to love you at your worst makes it easier to love myself when I fail miserably. When I give you a break and the quicker I do it, the quicker I give myself a break. The jail I plan for you , i already am locked up in. I think it's because there is no u and no me. There is only the spirit and when I deny you rights, I am denying myself because despite the world's core belief that you are there and I am here, the truth is we are one. No division. If I hurt you , I bleed in some aspect in my own life.

I'm not sure if we as a whole world will ever be able to realize that we indeed are one, I do know, I have a working knowledge of it now and it's up to me to work within my revelation. Fear cannot be allowed to divide me from your pain and joy, because your pain and joy are a part of me, they are also my joy and my pain. I know it must sound crazy but I really want to get this being a human and all the experiences it  entails down. I've spent over half my life asleep and completely blocked of to the part of life that you hold for me.

It frustrates me I can quite get the whole realization to come and I for sure can't articulate it the way I like to articulate things but it must not be time. Some "upgrades" come in packages because one must be installed for the other to be added.

I know, like I know my mother's name, like I know that fire burns and I know like water is wet, we are one. What the hell I do with that knowledge is a mystery, but , by god I know it now.