Saturday, May 7, 2011

had a reality check.

A friend for 18 years , that lives two towns away ask me to pick him up to bring him to an NA meeting which I of course agreed to. He hasn't drank for 18 years, but like me, took the break from alcohol to become a drug addict.  He has such a tender heart and has never, never been treated with any real respect from his family and his friend. I drove up and he was on the porch. I was really horrified because I would have never known it was him. He looked like a homeless person and smelled pretty bad. I talk to him on the phone often and I had no idea he was in this shape. I don't know what frightened me so much except he wasn't my friend, or at least the one I last saw two years ago. I can't imagine people didn't have the same reaction to me when I didn't leave the house for 2 years and dyed my hair orange. I can't believe he was bleeding to death right under my nose. I know very few things for sure but I know beyond all doubt , if he comes to NA, gets welling and honest, he can salvage his life and find a new way to thrive like never before. I've always been in his corner and have never thrown him under the bus. I won't stop now. It just scared me.
Underneath his scare costume, he is a tender hearted man who NEVER not even his parents treated him well and no one ever wanted him to be happy in his life. Their all dead, and he has time for a great life. If he has a desire to stay clean and get honest. I will pull his ass up 80 in a red wagon if he wants to go to a meeting. If not, I'm just going to have to love him from a distance and hope he has a change of heart while there is still time.