Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I don't have what it takes to understand some people in the U.S.

All this fuss over "Obamacare", I wasn't there but I can't imagine, the installation of Social Security and Medicare were not very popular either with money being removed from workers salaries for some "conceived " date they may live to get it back if they are lucky. Folks didn't live as long then and no one would even receive a penny for 5 more years to come even though the tax started the day it was approved The benefits began paying the first recipients in 1940 , the law was passed in 1935. 5 years passed before a dime was shared in benefits. At least we know what health care is. Someone is sick, and they go for treatment and a portion of the fee is absorbed by an insurance company.In '35 they had no idea what this "pension" for old people was going to do. 1965 was the year Medicare was created and again, this couldn't have went over well with young workers in their twenties and thirties, "why should my wage pay for people I don't even know and pay for a benefit I may never receive". In 1965 the year of "Birth of Medicare" the "what's in it for me" vibe was already going strong in the U.S.

This isn't a political issue, it's been high jacked with the left and right arguing fairness and legality. I guarantee that someone you love either has no insurance or at sometime in the future won't when illness strikes and unless you can open your wallet and pay for 50,000 dollar breast cancer treatment, your sick friend will be thankful it exist. Her family will be thankful SHE still exist. She may sit for your kids, teach you Sunday school or check you out at the grocery. or it may be a he and he has employed your brother or sister at the hardware store for years. Anyone can fall ill, but as it stands now, only some lives are worth saving according to the fight of all the talking heads who's job it is is to stir the pot and ruffle the feathers in hopes that you are filled with enough fear you lose your senses completely and follow them like the thoughtless thousands. Why are the working poor and the middle , middle class people on the planet and in the U.S. the ones we don't readily try to medically aid. We can send the "Comfort Ships"to Tsunami Victims but getting a working mother of two a breast examine is unnecessary, completely out of the question. Take out all the rhetoric and you have only one issue, who's life is worth saving and at what cost? In this time, when peoples fortunes disappear over night, the very thing all these angry people are fighting against could in theory save their lives or their spouses . I don't believe this is about money, I believe it's one side can't let the other side win and the "people" get lost in collateral damage. For just one twenty four period, take a small notebook with you and write down everyone you come in contact with and at the day's end, decided who gets to die of cancer, who goes blind, who loses a colon, who lives for 5 years with cancer eating away the outside of their face because of lack of medical care, after all , by saying you know who deserves health care, this should not be a problem for you at all. So tell me, who do you deem worth saving and who gets to die today?

I have been on Medicaid and Medicaid since 2001 and I have had treatment that would have been completely unavailable to me were I not disabled and on Federal /State Insurance. My gratitude is immense and I guarantee the benefits I have used for 11 years will be changed or completely altered with the new health bill. I'm ok with losing something or a portion of something so that someone else may get their illness treated. I believed my family and my teachers when I was taught as a child to share and be fair, even when it isn't returned it is very important for ME to share and be fair.

I have a friend with a son on duty in Afghanistan, how can I ask her to share her son with the service in a military action that no one is even sure if there is an end to, if I can't share my insurance with the citizens of our country and with the citizens of Texas. In the two World Wars, we all sacrificed right down to sugar and gas, we took national pride is sacrificing at home for the servicemen over seas for "OUR FREEDOMS" . Are we a different country than in those times have we changed for the worse in that great of capacity? In the end "sharing" may not be a concept or a lesson that can be taught at a late age in 2012 to adults consumed with "ME" and "FEAR of losing something they have or not getting something they want. As a Texan and foremost as a human being, I don't think in the end of it all I will regret giving and sharing, oh yeah and being grateful. All I can do , is all I can do and Foxnews and MSNBC can continue holding frightened people hostage. Either way, I"m kind of OK, and I always will be because I just don't buy the hype today.