Sunday, August 8, 2010

Im back to possibility

I've shared before that possibility as a concept means way more to me than hope. I can do something, take some action in this moment to bring about an outcome or a thing I want. If I sat around hoping to get that outcome or thing, it would be no more powerful than a childs wish. Life takes action of some sort, some kinetic motion that orders, reorders or arranges things in your desired direction. If I wanted to be a supermodel. The action I could take in this moment would be to put down the chocolate breakfast cake and go exercise, or steam clean my pores. There are so many tiny things that I can do, or do differently to cause a desired affect. Each action creates energy and the universe loves the energy that creative actions or people make. Creative energy is like the stem cell to the universe. It is the purest , strongest, most loving of all energies and it heals the planet, the universe and each of us.

I dare you, today, to do something creative, create a possibility for yourself or someone else. Let you actions create the wave that shatters the glass between you , me and creation.