Sunday, May 29, 2011

Suddenly, without notice, things get different.

This was one of those days when all the changing that I am doing caught up with me and suddenly everything including me is different.  I have opportunities landing in my lap that are proof positive that the universe loves me just as much as everyone else. I wasn't as it turns out,  born into a life where I was automatically excluded from all things that make being human so great. I am well thought of by people that matter to me. I'm trusted and I have people believing in my abilities that I didn't know I possessed.  It's really more magical than any movie. Simply by opening my heart and mind up to the truths of the universe, the thick glass wall that kept me from being a participant in life has been removed. The only way that glass goes back up and cuts me off again is if I myself  stop making choices that open me up. I don't want to be closed off from the spirit or the planet again. There are things that I have to do in order for that to happen and the main thing is to stay with people who are spiritually in tune and open. The longer I go without being around a source of life and change, the more and the quicker I forget such a space is available to me. Spiritual amnesia leads to living death. When I can't remember who I am , anyone with any spirituality can give me a jump start. That is why I am always bringing new people into my circle. The odds of us all forgetting who we are at once are next to impossible. I am so thankful for everyone who utters the syllables that form my name and all the people I speak the names of when I count my miracles at night. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for reminding me who I am, but mostly for showing me all the possibility that lies in us all, each of us.