Friday, March 1, 2013

I watched this amazing program on wildfires and how they are just as important to the planet was rain and sun. In Yellowstone they have nearly stopped fighting wildfires at all. What they found was they interfered with the cycle of nature. He explained that in the top of these old pine trees are pinecones that have been there for 40 years in the center of the tree. They are coated by the tree itself with hard wax. The only thing that removes that wax is fire, and when the fire melts the wax, the pine nut/seed is released and that is how new forest come about. He said that nature is full of booby traps that insure the survival of the forest and the plants of the forest. This gives me great comfort to know that what looks to me like devastation is in fact the clearing of the land so that new growth may take place, and the fact the seeds are there but hidden from hands that those that "mean well". Orchestration of growth is not necessary ,, rather don't fuck up anything because you think you need to help things along or speed the process. Why dont we all just trust in the process. Bitch