Friday, February 24, 2012

A very quick rundown of some of the psych meds I have tried and failed to locate one that fixed everything that needs fixing. Sadly there are more I simply don't recall the name to. It wasn't until my Pdoc looked at me after years and years of working with him and told me "Clinton , there isn't a pill on the planet that is going to do for you what you want one to do. The best I can help you with is getting to to a stable place where you are on even footing. After that if you want to get better it's up to you to do the hard work. It's completely up to you." It was the last medication I change I had in four years or more. Most days I am doing the hard work, but the message I picked up that I believe with everything fiber I can believe anything is , that there isn't a pill with the power on the planet to fix it.
(Celexa, C
(Clozaril) -
(Zyprexa) -
(Seroquel) -
(Geodon) -


All of which were taken in multiple combinations and alone. One I left the East Texas Behavioral Clinic on 6 at once. I couldn't even stand upright for long stretches without just falling over in slow motion like a giant red oak. lol