Sunday, December 5, 2010

check in

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out." I've never met a single addict or person with little to know self esteem that doesn't use some mutant version of the idea of "Success" to beat themselves up. If "Success" means that I have managed to portray what society says I should be then NO, color me NOT successful. But if I have taken steps to become the human I came to earth to be, then I am a success. If anyone thinks of me and smiles or remembers a kindness I have extended or a laugh I pulled out of thin air to share with them, then I am a success. The world, the government, or religion does not provide for me the definition of success in my life. The quiet, still knowing when I close my eyes and I see what I am rather than what I am not/have not, and the knowing that I fill a space on the planet, in peoples lives and in this massive universe that only I am shaped to fill, is my success. To me success is a knowing of the spirit, not a house, car or picture in the paper with an award of some kind. The moon has no illumination source of it's own and is simply reflecting the light of the sun. Any success that is visible to the world outside me is just a reflection of my light within. On most days I'm pretty bright on the insides, thanks to a program of spiritual growth and learning, and to several people who allow me in to their lives and 2 be a part of their very human struggle with balancing life, the now and the spirit.
I totally woke up in the loop this morning and I just want to thank my friends for illuminating me on the days that my spirit just can't shine. Paybacks aren't a bitch, they are a live saver.