Saturday, July 31, 2010

Putting new tools into action

For the last 24 hours I have had ample opportunity to use the new coping skills I've picked up with family that hasn't changed much. It is so thrilling to know that , all I can do , is all I can do, and be done with it. I love the Al anons mantra "I didn't cause it and I can't cure it".

The fact is , shit rains down on everyone at times. It isn't singling you out for more than your share. You buy focusing all your energy on the shit storm perceive it to be more than your share of shit. But in proper perspective, it's relatively equal to everyone elses.

There is time for being disappointed but the quicker you jump into recovery mode the better.

I am very tired of people who claim deep faith only to instantly go into "woe is me" when stuff happens. We live in a world that is built for balance, it is created so that it is easier for us to "right" ourselves when we get upside downed.

I can see at this moment so much to have real gratitude for that I get frustrated when people who seemingly have more than I , complain about their portion of the pie.

For reasons completely unknown to me I am filled with peace and hope, for myself, my friends and family, and finally our planet.

We are in perpetual motion. Moving to somewhere and away from what we knew as reality. If I had a wish for everyone I loved it would be that they learned to live before they focused on their final exit.

What comes after life is mere speculation. Why not focus on the stuff that isn't speculation, which is the life under neath your own nose.

If you are going to spend you energy loving something dearly, make sure it is something that actually has the capacity to love you back.