Saturday, October 10, 2009

I was taught to stuff it. So it was a big day for me to unload with words

I'm not apologizing, I don't think. It was just great to really let go of the frustration I had built up not speaking my mind.. My perspective is just as valid as yours, and holding in my thoughts and emotions do more harm than good.

I feel like this has been a senior project.

Nobel Nobility

American Idiots. Thes morons griping about The President recieving the Nobel Peace Prize act like his recieving it has denied them their shot at winning it. He isn't even keeping the prize money so what is with the chest beating and eye bulging. You Pussies weren't nominated!!! Like Cher says, I can put my tits on my back and its no ones business but mine. That Nobel Committee would have caught less crap if they had given one to Kim Jon Krazy Ass North Korean.

To make myself feel better I say I see this because of the area I live in which is East Texas. The south in general not real progressive and in fact large groups in the state want REgression and removal of the state from the union that just "doesn't get them".

It's not just the south though. If Bush would have won a giant award for bogus reasoning and military aggression the stupid stupids would be throwing block parties about how right they all were.

If you cannot notice the undertone of race or overtones of it that you are are incapable of being honest with yourself. INSERT HEAD IN SAND.

In a nation that claims to base itself on principles of Christianity which are love, service and tolerance you get a big Failing Grade.

My dad himself told me he was wrong to dislike Obama because he was black but he didn't care to feel any differently. He is at his church every time the door opens and volunteers for crappy work like mowing the yard in the Texas summer at 73 years old.

I know personally people that have never heard of the award are "up in arms" because it went to him- this black man they don't want as president. And in a remarkable feat of self delusion because they say he isn't their president, they don't recognize that he IS the president of the United States. If you admit what you won't see then your not dirty.

I never go political, but by masses of people saying he doesn't deserve this award, I see them saying because I don't fit the U.S. Standard of being important enough to matter, they are saying I don't deserve rights here either.

What affects one of us, affects all of us.

Clinton is now stepping down from his Ivory Soap Box.