Wednesday, August 15, 2012

one in , one out.

My friend has had  her baby on the day that her aunt is to be buried. It doesn't take a giant of observation to notice that there is something fantastic, huge, spiritual about a soul making an exit and one making an entrance. I am so comforted in my spirit of the fact that life goes on and a spirit leaving this plane is just as exciting and inspiring as the one coming to planning. The finish is just as spectacular as the start.What you choose to fill your life with  while your here decides your overall experience.
What are the words, the sounds the actions you use when you interact with a love one. While yelling may make you feel better at the time, it does not convey your point any better than softer tones would. You do not yell at people you love, ever. We have to treat the people with love with love otherwise the message comes out garbled and we have passed on the terrible directions on what love looks like, what love sounds like.

One soul exits and all the possibilities end, one soul enters and a whole new book is opened to blank pages that will be filled with it's own storehouse of what is possible..

I'm just moved that I am allowed to see it unfold. Thank you for giving me the gift of "sight'.