Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get me out of here

My sister poked her head in the computer room and said her stomach was growling. She asked if I wanted her to pick up anything for me when she made her breakfast run. I said no. So an hour and 15 minutes later she comes back and is completely serious when she interupts my phone call to ask me if I knew anyone with a litle "Flat Bottom boat". I didn't even try to hide my displeasure as I replied NO. 5 minutes later she is back and asking me where she could find some rocks. Free rocks. She wanted to make a little walk pathway in the backyard where be barely even mow. Next she shows me some baskets she has tried to paint black and I nod my head approvingly. Next she digs through some storage bends and puts on her little skirted swimsuit which she is still wearing. Now we do live near the lake but it is easily 3 blocks from here and she has never been.

I honestly can say, whatever she smoked or swallowed in the75 minutes she was gone does not interest me in the bit. I can't get over how she gets overcome with this creative thinking when she is stoned on whatever but has no talent for reproducing these delusions of artistic, creative endeavors. May that still is always just below her skin but it comes out screwed up when she is stoned. Do you remember the fake leather suitecase she autopsied in the wee hours of the morning?  It could be worse, she could get mean like I did on  I hate that she keeps doing this shit. I really hate it. I wish the universe would step in and intervene in her insanity. But that is my plan for her and not the power all that is.