Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm giving the choice of to recover or not, a hundred times a day

I was noticing today just how many chances I had to choose to react to things the old way, (which for any of you that know me, gets me no where), or I have a chance to chose differently, to make purposeful decisions hoping for new outcomes.

Very few of them were "big" decisions. When your trying to overhaul you existence I guess even the smallest choice is a big decision.

The main thing is, I didn't let fear influence any of my decisions. Well, maybe one, but I will deal with the consequences of that later, because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

In 100 days, I have become a member of a group that wants to help me, and I in turn am there to help others. I know names, and mine is known, and I have phone numbers and emails of people who want nothing from me but to show me how to live my life the way I want it. So much can happen in such a short time. You can care so deeply for someone when they come to you with honesty about their situations.