Monday, August 31, 2009


I watched the 2 hour docu on Woodstock Sat. night and I can't stop thinking about it. I never really understood what the big deal was and I hate that kind of music and never had interest in LSD, but for the first time I really get what a big deal that was and what a time in history that was. I really hate I was only 2 and didn't drive yet. lol 1968 was so aweful by '69 the country was having their boys slaughtered in a useless war, the death of the civil rights leader Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy and 300,000 young people gathered in a field for three days and just lived the moment. The Pig Farmers and others providing food for thousands of strangers, the guy who owned the land(the most unhippy regular middle aged man) fighting for the kids rights to have the festival was so inspiring to me.

I guess more than anything I have always wanted to just be drowned in acceptance. I saw that in the History Channel Program. Those people were touched by the magic of what the universe has to offer when people don't fuck it up with their own ideas.

Interviews with people that were there ran the gammit of those still a bit hippy to professors and community leaders. They all spoke of the event like it was a still unearthly to them.

I want that! I would prefer to find it without all the mud and brown rice but I would jump right in.

Seriously, can you believe I have managed not to become a cult member growing onions in Idaho by now. I can see how it could happen, luckily I am just jaded enough to pass those offers by.