Monday, March 5, 2012

tea people

An elderly man handed me a card outside the post office today and he beseecher me to go to the web site listed on it and read. There was  a visible smell of fear to his urging. Easily he was at least 78 and when he stuck his head inside my car window i was shaken for a moment how much he looked like my gray haired father. I of course did not go to the web site. I find if you don't look directly at an anus, you are less likely to spot shit. I am so tired, and frankly wary of folks who are so convinced they are right that they will go to the death for the "rightness". Hilter was certain he was right about the master race, Bush thought he was "right" about the war in the Gulf. Through out history, anytime some was hell bent on spreading their "rightness", thousands suffer. I'm coming to grips with "religion in America" issues, but it wasn't that long ago on the calender and the Christian church history they would slit the throats of those who refused to convert, even though those people already had a way of connecting themselves with a power bigger themselves. BEWARE of ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH OF GOD! Keep god and government separate.  My understanding of the Tea Party is that originally it was only about the U.S. finances and it was perverted by hate groups looking to spread "rightness of character and moral". They end up just adding to the confused nation, on paper they sound good but i think others are using it as a "Trojan horse" . Regardless, I don't live in actual fear of anyone today. My life and how I interact and maneuver through other's lives takes most of my time up. I'm just looking for my own way to connect with the higher spiritual power that put everything in place and I am not compelled to grab strangers and WITNESS to the lost.