Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a curtain reveal today.

 A while back I was feeling sort of like a duck out of water. I have so many friends that fall into the traditional spiritual/christian block that I often am very limited with conversations with people who are thinking outside tradition and really in this world to think and discover new ideas  and to find out for themselves what it all means rather than traditional thinking which is really not pro thinking. The bad thing that supposed Adam and Eve did was eat from "The tree of knowledge" which pretty much sets up religion based on the lore that you aren't suppose to question and think for yourself. So I had made mention to the flow/the universe that I was aching to have someone that I could bounce new ideas, revelations or concepts on and they could do the same with me. I was sitting outside the hall today and I realized that quietly and without notice, someone I knew for 2 years had slipped into the role that I had asked the universe for. He is someone  I would have never imagined becoming close friends with because my assumption that we were so different, and I was wrong, as so often when we "assume". I felt so warm and cared for when I realized my request had not only been granted but it was filled simply by sliding one of my acquaintences into full on friend role. We are not the same in any way except he has the same gnawing desire to learn and question and live and share and he knows that life without spirit is no life at all. Such a lovely suprise.