Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tried tried it , suspectd, but now I know. Camping is not for me.

I followed through with giving camping a try at my recovery groups's annual lakeside 3 day fest. Other than the food being good, and getting to spend some stolen moments with friends, it was difficult for me. If I hadn't got to get away for 2 hours on saturday, I may have just collapsed into a big piled of weeping, anxiety ridden gray haired idiot.
I was very very upset that it was yet another thing that "earth people" that I don't connect with at all. I really wanted to but it just didn't happen. If I could have talkeveryone without having to be at the lake I would have preffered that. My best times were the stolen moments with friends in the camping RV..

I didn't over eat once this weekend. I was afraid if came myself any slack on watching the food intake I would lose momentum. There was a sack fulll of mini-Hershey's on the table in the RV the whole time, and I knew if I even ate one, it was set up a compulsion I would be able to stop until I hated myself. Just like PILLS, one is to many and a thousand not enough.