Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creative intention of manifestation

There is a specific creative intention behind my manifestation on this planet. Just as dogs are meant to dogs, roses are meant to be roses, I am meant to be what I am. The only way I can fulfill the creative intention behind to me is to be myself and to honor the things that make me special and unique. My life is  not mean to be filled with crap I think is necessary/bells and whistles. As long as I am true to who I am, which is a loving, gentle , funny human ,I am a success at my own intention. The rest of it is extraneous bits of ego trying to tell me "this is who you are" "you need to look like this", "you need this car" "what they think matters". The spirit must be free of the ego and it's attempts at high jacking creative intention for egoic identification to nothings.