Saturday, August 29, 2009

If I didn't believe..................

If nature hadn't taught me that everything has a cycle to run I would be frightened right now. Fearful people are snatching up all the guns and bullets they can because they don't think they will be able to get more. Greed in the business sector has derailed the economy and people who spread nothing but illness are given carte blanche on cable channels to scare the hell out of already terrified people.

BUT, the rain always breaks the drought and life is just set up on a binge and purge cycle. Purging what doesn't strength us and retaining that which makes us stronger. Even the forest fires we see are a part of nature doing its thing by burning off the old so new growth can begin.

If you want something new in your life you have to make room for it by purging the baggage that doesn't serve you anymore. We get so attached to crap, MY crap that we forget that life is flow and baggage is blockage.

I've heard from several great people from my past lately and I say great because they are the rare people I have ran into that just want the best for me. It's hard to find friends without motives. Some want you to do well just not better than them. I think if you have one person in your life that loves you without condition then you have experience the best life has to offer. I have been disappointed for some of my friends but never disappointed in them.

So if I didn't believe their was a cycle to life, to the planet and to being, it would be miserable, if I didn't believe.