Sunday, November 21, 2010

Attention Universal Flow of life

I'm ready to be an independent 43 year old male again. I really want to be well enough to get off of disability and get a sense of self that isn't currently available. My mother made some mother comment to me today and it showed me one more time that she speaks to me like I was still a child, without any regard that I was grown and had an opinion of my own. I'm tired of my life being so monitored. It was very helpful for a while, it may have saved my life but I am pushing against the starting gates with anticipation of getting on "with the business of living".

I have to make sure I can get my mental health meds and at least afford a pdoc visit every six months. I need my car repaired and the guy who has looked at it twice can't find out why it dies and chokes with no rhyme or reason to it. Or I need a place to live in longview for the bus route. I don't have any preconcieved ideas about trying it out on my own but it is the next logical step.

I've had 2 low blood sugar spells today. I put some brown sugar on my oatmeal for breakfast and I am wondering if that sent me into a tailspin. I will call and tell the doctor to go ahead and schedule the glucose tolerance test which is long and boring but evidently necessary. Also my mouth dries out completely every few minutes. I don't know if the mouth thing is a side effect of my testosterone injections or not.