Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I use to live this way, it's familiar. Hope this is a random rolling drepression and not the staying kind.

I woke up yesterday morning and chose to stay in bed. It is rare, if fact I can' remember the last time I just stayed in bed and restructured the things I had to do. This morning same thing, only I kept having the urge to take a pill to boost my energy. Going through the gym routine was up hill all the way. Then I got home and as uncomfortable as I have felt for a couple days, I realized it was more , way more than familiar. It's depression. I'm counting on it not staying around and the fact that I have a protocol of action just waiting to be activated. I guess it's almost 2 years since I stopped medication. I don't get in my gut this is actually Clinical Depression starting up, rather I think it is some over do "ebb". Just strange feeling and uncomfortable to feel so disconnected with the things around me and life in general. I'll keep my eyes open and the troupes are in reserve. lol