Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chaos sneaks up fast.

I suddenly realized yesterday I was ready to find a rifle and head for a tower because I had reached that point. You know that point where you knew you couldn't take any more but didn't no how to stop it and worse how you got there. I was vibrating so fast that all I could do in clench my jaw and every other muscle. It was miserable, I had collected so much crazed holiday energy and expectations that I reach my max. I had to hit the reset button. and for me that is  sleep and talking about what is going on. It's hard for me to list the things that are not working for me because I sort of escaped childhood with the misconception when you list the things that are wrong in your life, you are complaining and whining. So it's very un-clinton to share with others what is going on inside my head, my spirit and in my feelings. I feel better. I feel like I was it with a truck, but better over all. I didn't even think about using drugs to alter my feelings, but I did order a pizza and had copious amounts of choc. Milk in the last 20 hours.