Monday, January 23, 2012

What are you soaking in?

I think part of the reason so many people are angry is because they sit around watching gruesome try crime shows with brutal reenactments then top it off with hideous dysfunction on Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Steve Wilkos, Jerry Springer , Judge Janine 3 other "judge" shows. Combine these hours of bad for you TV with endless loops of purposely fear inducing new pieces on CNN and misinformation on Foxnews, and you have someone who easily spend an entire quarter or two of their waking moments marinating in soul and spirit killing tv waste. Why be a vegan or a health nut if you are going to create disease in your spirit or body by inviting poisonous ideas into your mind. "I think, therefore I am"... Fred Neitzche. I don't think for a second I can watch that stuff and get away unscathed. What you put in, you get out. What am I feeding my spirit/mind/body today? On another note, through out the history of time, the easiest way to control the masses is to whip them up into immeasurable fear. Just for today, I am not a cow and will not be herded by means of ball busting fear. Fear causes anxiety, and anxiety causes inflammation of the cells int he human body and inflammation causes disease like arthritis and cancer. Just throwing something out there to think about on a Monday , Monday.