Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I decided that I wasn't proving how big and spiritual I was by keeping people on my Facebook account that frankly are never going to get out of their tiny god box mold. If I hear how jesus fixed my car, fixed my marriage or got me the job of my dreams I think perhaps I may explode. For years I have been practicing tolerance toward a handful of folks and I realized this morning it would be easier to omit them in my recover than to overlook their religious hysteria. My friend tried to make a point when I told him about me cutting 20 people off my Facebook page which is just sort of symbolic for my life. He said that people accept me being gay as just a part of me and I then fired back, I don't incessantly talk about dirty hairy man humping and just expect you to be ok with that. lol  It is not ok for me to feel like it is my duty to hang around everyone at the meeting hall. I don't want to deny them the right to be there, but I just don't feel like they even make an effort at adjusting their religious jibber jabber down to low speed, I'm not going to just sit quietly by any more. In fact, I am just going to leave the conversation. I get that if they didn't have the unicornia and magic apples to hold on to they might have nothing to give them form. I've just lost the will to smile and pretend I don't hear it.

I dig that.