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the value of our time

 I was just talking about the value of our life and our time this week with my therapist. We have roughly 50,000 heart beats in a 24 hour period and we all have a finite number of days/and or / heartbeats. So the things I choose to spend time on today, I am actually trading heartbeats for.So, I ask myself, is this really worth my time? If I spend an hour on something it is roughly4620 beats. Hope it's worth it cause we don't get those back.


Sometimes we confuse a lonely-restless combination for the need to do something "Fun" . When I feel like I need to lose myself in "fun" I am actually needed some deep fulfillment in my spirit, not bells and whistles or real hot ass. lol Faux-feelment versus Fulfillment has got me into trouble most of my life. lol I know the difference today but that doesn't always bar me from seeking outside titillation. I have that choice today and I can way the pro's, con's and consequences. Recovery lets me do that.
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This "purpose" stuff.

I don't really know if we all have a reason for being here. I am up to here with people looking for their "purpose". It doesn't feel like the truth to me. What does feel truthful to me is we all have possibility to GIVE our lives purpose based on our experiences and particular talents we came here with. My only real task is discovering who I really am, who I came to the planet being and finding a way to make the world a better place for a moment.