Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank god it's almost friday.

What a rough week. The reason I have felt like the greek myth man who pushed the stone up the hill everyday only to have it roll back down is I just haven't been centered emotionally and spiritually.

Frankly everyone and everything has annoyed me this week and that just isn't like me. I'm the mellow go with the flow guy. It isn't easy to maintain that even keel when everywhere I look people are such giant idiots and asses.

I guess I'll sound whacky when I say this but it looks like the country is just about as stressed out as it can be. Something has to give. Politics are killing us, just so much poison being spread and so many fearful people to accept it and pass it on.

Intolerance and hate are eating our internal organs. I live in Texas and it is worse here than most of the other states.

But I can't fix that. I just have to concentrate on being OK and feeling safe in the world regardless of the mood of the worlds population.

Another thing that has thrown me this week in the headaches from my messed up neck. If you have a headache long enough everything will piss you off too. lol

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I don't think I will be climbing the clock tower with an assault rife anytime soon so perhaps I will find some peace again.