Monday, December 1, 2014

It is the first day of the last month ever of the year 2014. By living one moment at a time, one day at a time we have collectively just about put on more year in the history books. It seems like minutes ago I was trying to adjust to wright 1978 on my school work as it changed during Christmas break from 1977. You know, I am keenly aware that time on the planet in this body and form is finite. Every time someone I know leaves the party it reminds me of a quote from a time I didn't even know the value of quotes. It was "The things I do today are important because I am exchanging a day of my life for them".
Time is the most valuable commodity we have because it's so limited and it ends for many without a bit of notice. One the surface it may look like the simple changing of the free calendar I got last year from the bank, out with the new calendar I got from Walker's pharmacy, it is not lost on me at all that I have once less set of 365 days of being a spirit being in human form. I was so careless with the gift of time and presence for so many years I know that I am in the "Grace Period".
I am the luckiest bastard on the planet to have been invited to the party and still be a welcomed guest. I find a lot of joy to live that way. I love the old saying in AA "How do you eat an Elephant?" answer..."One bite at a time". 2014 is 30 days away from being consumed by me one grateful damn bite at a time. I'm slack jawed when I think that it is nearly 2015. It sounds like a number in as science fiction script.

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