Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I doubt very much a flower wonders what its purpose it, or my dog, or the tree in my yard.  Because humans think they are so much higher up than all the other things on earth , we tweak our egos by thinking that we have a "real" purpose for being here. As if being here and human, and breathing isn't enough on its own. Being here is the cake and all the purposes we think we have are merely icing. The cake, is the cake and being here is our purpose. We have so many choices when it comes to our expression of life in our own humanity. I hear people talking about chasing a single dream. Life is long and we will all have a multitude of dreams. Our purpose is to live a dream filled life. "Keep your feet on the group and your head in the clouds."

I think we all pray for a purpose at times just to make sure we aren't total idiots going after the wrong thing, as if they were such a thing.

Be a better human.

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