Thursday, August 1, 2013

Catch up

I can believe I haven't updated in 2 or three months. Still trying to get it right. Still clean, still centered and still working. I must confess much of the stuff I usually would blog here about ends up on Facebook instead. It's summer and it's my least fav. time of the year usually. The heat in Texas is usually misery for me, but I guess being 85 pounds lighter makes the summers a little less oppressive.

Random Thoughts

I heard someone talking about a book called "Who Moved My Cheese" and specifically they mentioned people who are "Injustice Collectors".  It made me think about my sister.. She is the most blame assigining person i have ever been around. Nothing is her fault and if you stand still long enough she will find some blame for you. Aggravating.

There are times when I know for sure that I am spiritually centered and living less in ego. My sister left town to take a job in Houston . I was at first glad to get a brake from her drug use and denial, but now I'm just worried that Houston will eat her alive. Dallas wasn't a place for me when I was diseased up with addiction and low self esteem. I don't think Houston will be good for her for those reasons too.

I asked the question on Facebook the other day. "When was the last time you changed your mind about something".  For me when I have a change of stance, I know that I am teachable. I come from a long line of folks who believe once you make up your mind about something, never question it again. When my position changes on ideas or people, it makes me feel good. Open Mindedness. I can entertain a new idea without necessary having to accept it. It's possible though.

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