Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texting with kindred this morning about creating possibility. It was a little over three years ago when I got this on the mental/spiritual level that if I want something different I have to take action. I have to put something in the works myself. Hope is great, fantastic, wonderful, but it has an expiration date on it and if we don't put an action (create possibility) with it will do us no good, it dissipates.
If you hate your job you can email resume's and that could be the ripple that becomes a wave of change. What action, what possibility can I create today that might get me closer to the version of myself I want to be. The old story of if you want to win the lottery you much BUY A TICKET-The action that creates possibility. My job is to take action. I was put on the planet to create possibilities in every aspect of my life . I have no power on the outcome of my action. Often the outcome is of little to no consequence. The pay off is IN the action, not the result. It creates an energy that is the equivalent of spiritual energetic stem cells. It heals anything it falls on. It is universal medicine for my life.

I hadn't forgotten this my any means but it was dusted off and refreshed by my friend stepping out of her box and rolling some dice. Creating a little possibility of her own, of which I piggy back on today.

Buy the ticket. Participate in your own life. Mastermind the possibilities. I can't plant a seed even if I'm not the one that ends up being the one that gets to harvest the fruit. My job is to plant seeds................................

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