Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, we have reached the final day of the year 2012. Some day, young people will look back on this year the way I do 1976 or 1982. The hairstyles and the clothes will make them cringe when they stumble upon old photos. I still think I totally rocked the mullet when it was new and THE new style. A generation comes of age and another becomes obsolete. It's been happening since man began the upright walk.  I just noticed it this time in my life of living presently. Happy 2013, and may the lessons we learned from 2012, serve us all well in the future. Every day that I wake up is the most important day of my life because the sun rises and illuminates the chance, the chance to do things different and to start all over again. As I transition into `13, I hope I remember that love is the answer, all I can do is all I can do and that my trip on earth is no more or no less important than yours . Surround your self with people who expect more of you , and not the folks that demand so little of you. When we temporarily  forget who we are, what we believe and what we stand for it,  is our friends, our comrades or our brothers and sisters of humanity  that have the power to wake us from lie of self.

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