Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taking the Freedom Train Out Here in 2013

By this time last year, my friend Forrest had ran me ragged with his insistence that I pic some sort of  goal to shoot for in the year 2012.  I told him flat out I was not the New Year Resolution type of person. After he convince me it didn't have to be a "Resolution", just some sort of  idea of hope or action of faith that would be my running them for this past year.  I did a little soul searching and I had experienced some real freedom l in 2011 and it seemed like a good idea to choose 2012 as my year of freedoms. I coined my phrase of "Freedom in the Twelve".  One of the areas I had no freedom in was my relationship with food and over eating to medicate what the drugs used to medicate.  I just tried a suit coat on that was size 46L. It fit. I haven't been able to wear anything out of the size 50's in probably 10 years.  Food has kicked my as a few times but I never surrendered to it like it's bitch. A little over 65 pound later, I have had great glorious moments of freedom from food. Freedom has come in ways I couldn't have planned for. I have got it n the real good habit and I stand up for myself. Freedom.

Freedom was indeed good in 2012. So it is now I look forward to 2013 I'm compelled to use the idea that "My name is Clinton Gandy and I am going places". I have no clue where exactly I"m going but i"m well enough to know, I"m not staying here.  It's been really important to me since I got clean to make the second half of my life better than the first half. I'm open to where , but I have one less year to be concerned about this year. It was  a great year of fun and freedom.  I hope you go place too in 2013.  We are meant to live large boisterous human lives while were here as spirit in human experiences.

MY NAME IS CLINTON, I AM ADDICT AND I AM GOING PLACES IN 2013. I indeed found freedom in the '12 and 13 will find me going places and bringing with me everyone i can scoop up.

Happy Holidays


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