Friday, December 16, 2011

How I know I am human

I was a really good Clinton Gandy imposter for most of my life. I was good at knowing the perfect thing to say, whether it was real or made up on the spot. What you thought of me mattered me than what I thought of me and no matter how much that you like me, I knew something you didn't. You didn't know me at all so it was all very empty. I read a book that uses the word "parody" in it. I come from theatrical roots so I was more than familiar with the term, but I had never associated it with my personal life. That's what I was , I was a parody. I was an exaggerated version of a character loosely based on myself. I was a good copy of a poor original, a good production of a really bad play.
I'm better now. On most days, I don't allow you to write the story of my life and certainly don't wait for you to put value on my existence. These days I am actually finding my own value, my own strengths and my own ideas of what makes my life worth living. I know who I am when no one is looking. I"m the most authenic version of myself than I have ever been and i suspect no reason to not believe I can only get "truer" as I live a life based on love, service, compassion and forgiveness of myself and others.

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