Friday, July 1, 2011

Slow my ass down.....

All day long I have had to consciously choose to slow down. One situation after another where my first instinct was to grumble out have to wait at the ATM, the store and in traffic.  It started this morning when my senior neighbors were walking past our drive just as I was ready to pull out. I felt the chemical urge to get impatient but I instead watched the near 80 year olds walk together like it was their first walk ever together. One would point , the other would look and then they would discuss it. She is eaten up with cancer and I wondered how many more walks for them would their be. I went to use the ATM at my bank and they had it dismantled in pieces. I went to another bank where an old hand stuck out the window pushed buttons for what seemed like 10 minutes. I wanted if he had figured out how to write a word document on the damn thing.  I finally got through the ATM line, pulled out on the the residential street and the same old man had parked on the side of the rode I guess to count his money and decided to pull into the street just as I approached. Had I not seen him and basically stopped, he would have ran right into me because he was oblivious to my presence. Repeatedly I had to not rush and be present the whole day long. Some days I do in naturally, other days like today, it takes effort not to be in such a rush that I make myself miserable trying to get somewhere in a hurry. I'm happy I had the presence of mine to choose to slow down, and somewhat be present for my own moments.

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Katie said...

Clinton, I remember the very day that I felt a huge peace come over me when I made myself just live in the moment with no past and no future....ahhh! Nothing else really matters, does it? I can't do it everyday but when I get there, it's wonderful.

Hey, listen, thanks for sharing your journey, friend. :)