Sunday, March 13, 2011

I love to get an idea across

My mother has never understand the principle of my using drugs even though it's never gone well. She has a  digestive system that can't tolerate milk or ice cream, but once in a blue moon she's eat/drink some and then is really quite ill. Perhaps once in the last 365 days she has used a dairy product and gotten away with it. 95 percent of the time it will make her sick, she knows it, it isn't new but she does it anyway because the taste is good. Sickness follows and she says never again.

Now I know, lactose intolerance is a stretch comparing it to drug abuse, but the insanity is just the same and I have been looking for a way to help her understand the insanity of thinking she can get by with just a little ice cream is the same way I hope I can use a little dope and get away with it even though history says I won't. Just looking for a bridge to help understand each other. When you speak different languages of understanding ANY bridge that covers some of the gap is a good thing.


Katie said...

I think that is a really good comparison that your mom should understand. The "craziness" and "why do I keep DOING this?" factor is definitely there.

Clinton Gandy said...

well, it was a good try but she is 70 and I have to face it , she isn't changing and she isn't taking on new ideas. I will keep trying I suppose because that is just my nature and all children want their parents to get them, that is "Get them". It's sad though for both of us.