Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a good night

I have a huge sense of peace at this moment. I reached out to people and made a real connection. I chaired a meeting and I extended a kindness. I am at the point where I know it is ok to follow my instinct and if it seems at the time I am giving away something I might need, I know that more and better will come if my intention in right.

For all these people who looked at me , the people I had exhausted and who never thought that I would quit fighting long enough to find some happiness can rest easy. I have peace at this moment and that is something I always craved and never thought I would have. Now if I can relax and feel people loving me I will be the most successful man on the planet.

I know that something powerful has transformed me because I an change my mind today. I watched President Bush on Oprah and I was struck by his sincerity and he's truthfulness about his alcoholism and decisions he made that turned out not to be good ones. The measure of a person's integrity to me is when he speaks honestly and without "spin" on the subject of his life. I wouldn't vote for him at this point , but I am not eaten up with judgement for him anymore.

The fact that I can have a change of heart lets me know I am going in the right direction.

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fugitive247 said...

Blog, dang it! There's life beyond Facebook. How can we carry the message behind exclusive, closed doors? {{{hug}}}